Blinker Bracelets for Cyclists

Being a cyclist is definitely good for the environment, but you wish that the motorist sharing the same road with you would be a bit considerate.  Sometimes vehicles on the road don’t even acknowledge the cyclists on the road.  Any serious bicycle commuter will tell you that it’s important to let drivers know what you’re doing by signaling your intention to turn.  PhD students from the Electronics Laboratory at Switzerland’s EPFL research institute have come up with what’s called the Intelligent Blinker.  This device might just eliminate unwanted accidents.

The Intelligent Blinker is a solar-powered wristband that will glow whenever you extend your hand in order to show which way you’re about to turn.  It is designed with a microcontroller, magnetometer, an accelerometer, and a compass.  It can also be powered up by USB. In its present prototype the circuit board is too large for practical use so the students want to reduce the size to that of a wrist watch.  They also want to reduce energy consumptions and want to add some functions via sensors.bracelet blinker

There are other companies out there who have created similar bracelets, the accelerometer and magnetometer make the Intelligent Blinker different.  This wearable turn signal will make cyclists more visible to other vehicles on the road.  The bracelets, one of which would be worn on each wrist, contain sensors which trigger LED lights to blink.

Needless to say, the more visible your hand signals are the safer you’ll be on the road.  Motorists won’t have an excuse to ignore you anymore with the Intelligent Blinker

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