Black Pearl Is A Steam Powered Motorcycle

Amongst all the modern technology surrounding the world around us, you come across creations that send you back in time.  Netherlands based, Revatu Customs unveiled Black Pearl, a motorcycle powered by a functioning steam engine.  It actually works like a steam train, with the rear wheel driven by a huge crankshaft.

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The Black Pearl is the brainchild of custom bike builder, Rene van Tuil, who built the steam powered motorcycle over the span of 8 tedious months.  It looks quite impressive, but when it comes to speed, you could probably jog faster.  On the Black Pearl you’ll be able to enjoy the Dutch countryside at 8 km/h (5mph), allowing passers-by to get a good glimpse of the bike.  Eventhough horsepower is tough to measure, the motorcycle isn’t going to be able to carry around more than one person on a mounted single seat.

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Van Tuil does not mention anything about the range of the Black Pearl or how often it needs to replenish its water and fuel reserves, but who cares given how cool this thing looks.  The suspension he put on the motorcycle seems a bit much when 8 km/h is your speed.  We suggest that riding the Black Pearl in the winter is a much better idea than a summer time ride, since the sauna effect might become a bit sweaty.  Tuil admits that the Black Pearl is one of his craziest creations yet.

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