‘Better Call Saul’ a spin-off to ‘Breaking Bad’ is happening.

According to Coming Soon, AMC announced that it is moving forward with the spin-off, now tentatively titled Better Call Saul, which is the catchy slogan for Goodman’s shady law practice. Sony Television and AMC still need to iron out some of the details, but it appears (at least for now) that Gilligan will see his dream of a Goodman-centered show come to fruition, as will fans of the popular character.

We first heard about the proposed spin-off last year, but at the time, it was more of an idea Gilligan and the network were kicking around. However, two months ago, the project started to pick up steam, as Gilligan announced that the spin-off was moving “full speed ahead” as a possible prequel series to the Walter White saga. This week, the network finally confirmed it.

The plan is still to have the spin-off exist as a prequel to Breaking Bad (a show about Goodman after his involvement with Walter White would probably be more tragic than fun), centering on the evolution of Goodman and (presumably) the beginnings of his sketchy practice. Gilligan and Breaking Bad producer/writer Peter Gould are expected to co-run the spin-off, so at the very least, it appears to be in good hands.

With Gilligan and Gould involved, viewers can probably expect the spin-off to possess a similar feel to its predecessor, but with the show centered on Goodman, they should also look forward to a show with a much lighter tone. In past interviews, Gilligan has noted that he has envisioned a much more comedic show with some heavy dramatic moments, as well, considering the criminal clientele Goodman often deals with.

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