Best Health Apps for the iPhone

Pocket First Aid & CPR



This is an emergency guide that includes information on First Aid Basics, CPR, automated external defibrillators (AED), and medical, injury, and environmental emergencies. This app is up to date with The American Heart Association Guidelines on CPR & Emergency Cardiovascular Care.

The app is powered by the American Heart Association which is America’s oldest and largest voluntary health organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke.

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This app is also available on Android

Lumosity Mobile



Designed by neuroscientists, this app serves to train your memory and attention. Lumosity uses a series of fun and challenging games to exercise different parts of your brain. “Used by over 50 million people worldwide”, this app has a tremendous rating of 5 stars at the iTunes store. Be sure to check it out, it’s free after all.

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iTriage Health



This app lets you search symptoms, learn about potential causes, and then help you find the most appropriate treatment, facility or doctor near you. It contains an archive of thousands of medical symptoms, diseases, conditions, procedures, medications and drugs.

One special feature of this app would be providing average wait times at select emergency rooms and hospital facilities.

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This amazing app lets you ask question from various doctors in 137 specialties from the comfort of your home, for free. If you are in a hurry and need an urgent response, you just have to pay a small fee and you have your professional advice.

More than 62,000 actively play a part in this app and as NYTimes put it: “HealthTap just might make you raise both eyebrows in surprise.”

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Coming with a 4.5 stars rating in the iTunes store, this app is here to track those surprising symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, headache, fatigue etc. It allows you to track 20 symptoms at once; you can even take notes and pictures for your record. You can record medications, exercise & other factors that influence how you feel because how you feel is actually a very crucial part of your overall health.

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