BattleBots Is Back And We Are Loving It

Who remembers the TV show from their childhood in which two robots fought until the end? We do and the show in question has made an epic return to ABC in America. BattleBots, as it is called, is a competition in which special robots fight with each other for everyone’s amusement. Sounds pretty savage but it is actually a lot of fun. The rules are simple, last robot standing wins. Take a look at a sample fight between Minotaur and Blacksmith, two robots fighting each other ending with one of them bursting into flames.

We can easily see the major offensive and defensive weapons of the robots in this video. The blacksmith uses a pneumatic hammer to attack and an angled metal sheet as defense. This is a typical design for a successful robot but as seen in the video, Minotaur’s attack is just too much for Blacksmith. The Minotaur is small, rugged and agile and uses a high-RPM friction wheel as its main weapon which easily cuts through Blacksmith’s defenses.

battlebots 1

Minotaur won this battle to live to fight another day. Designing such robots that can take a beating is not all fun and games though. A lot of engineering skill is required specially in the mechanical and electronic fields. Most of the time there are several layers of redundancy built into the mechanics and electronics to keep them fighting for as long as possible. For everyone interested, the show airs every Thursday at 8/7c on ABC.

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