Bagel Smart Tape Will Make Measurements Easy And Fun

Measuring tape is an essential household item that is used to measure various things and distances. But sometimes, it is difficult to use a conventional curled tape owing to different reasons. That is where Bagel smart tape comes in. It has built-in Bluetooth connectivity and data storage along with many other cool features.

The Bagel basically has three different modes. In string mode, it can measure lengths of 3 meters using a retractable string. The measurement is shown on a linked OLED display. The string can be laid straight or wound around circular objects. In wheel mode, you roll it along the surface and it can measure up to 10 meters in that mode.

bagel smart tape 1

The coolest mode is the Remote Mode. To measure the distance to a point that’s hard to reach, it uses a built-in laser pointer as a guide and ultrasound to measure distances up to 5 meters. One USB charge of the lithium-polymer battery should be good for up to eight hours of use.

bagel smart tape

All measurements can be stored on the onboard memory in metric and imperial units. Voice memos can also be recorded with those measurements that can be converted to text as well via a linked iOS/Android app on your smartphone. Bagel is available on a Kickstarter campaign for $59. The planned retail price at the time of release a few months on is $89. Shipping will likely begin in November.

Here is a demo video of the Bagel smart tape measure:

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