Just to clarify this is a rumor, but it is a believable one. But be warned this might be a MAJOR SPOILER! So read at your own risk.

OK, so ever since the news hit that the second Avengers film would carry the title Age of Ultron, speculation has be rampant as to how exactly Joss Whedon plans on putting it all together.  He’s already admitted to a divergence from the original Ultron origin story, so people are naturally wondering how the metal menace is going to make his first appearance and thus become the primary villain.  One site, Unleash the Fanboy, thinks they know the answer.  By using some leaked animated storyboards from the original Avengers, one in particular of an alternate scene, they theorize that it will be Tony Stark’s A.I. creation, J.A.R.V.I.S. that will be taking on the role of Ultron.  Check out the storyboard below:

In the comic books, Ultron is the creation of Hank Pym, who gets his own movie with Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man, set for November of 2015.  But the cinematic Ultron won’t share his printed counterpart’s origin, exactly.  After Whedon revealed the sequel’s title at San Diego Comic-Con, rumors immediately guessed that, in Age of Ultron, the artificial intelligence is the creation of Tony Stark.  Not only does that make perfect sense, but it’s pretty much confirmed by the title tease shown at Comic-Con and D23, a tease that shows an Iron Man helmet violently transforming into Ultron’s head.

As outlandish as it may seem, this evil relationship between JARVIS and Ultron is well established in the canadian medicine viagra comics.  In the indestructible robot’s first act against The Avengers, he brainwashes Jarvis and uses the butler as a lure in his trap (oh yeah, Jarvis is an old, white butler in the comics, not A.I.).  In that sense, this theory is kinda, sorta canonical.

Unleash the Fanboy cites an alleged source within Disney that reportedly put a stamp of approval on the rumor, saying that the plan is indeed for JARVIS to segue into the mechanical menace.

You can head over to Unleash the Fanboy to read more about what they had to say regarding their J.A.R.V.I.S. is Ultron theory.

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