Audi’s Futuristic Trucks Are Amazing

With new cars being laid out every year, each more futuristic and efficient than the other, the trucking industry has been neglected. We have not really seen a significant change in trucks for the past 50 years with the same trucks being used with a few tweaks in design. Audi is looking to change all that with its project called Truck for Audi.

audi trucks 1

The project has presented two different designs so far and both look quite futuristic. The first truck is fully autonomous and drives itself. However, such a design with likely put a lot of people associated with trucking out of jobs. The second design has jet pilot styled cockpits for drivers and looks nothing short of amazing.

audi trucks 3

Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko are the designers behind this project, and it is reshaping what people think of in terms of ugly semis. The drivers will have to wear pilot styled helmets, whose only explanation is to keep bugs out of their eyes. As cool as they look, these trucks are still only designs and it is unlikely that we will see them on the road any time soon.

audi trucks 2

However, the response that they are getting is very exciting and we won’t be surprised if Audi took a leap of faith and went ahead to actually building them. Here is a video showing all the glamour of the Audi Trucks.

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