Armbot 3D Printer Costs Under $500 And Is Amazing

A Kickstarter campaign has been recently launched for Armbot 3D printer. Armbot is a robotic arm 3D printer that aspires to be the new standard for filament-based 3D printing.Armbot 3D Printer 2

The team behind Armbot 3D printer took inspiration from the robotic arm used in car manufacturing. The articulated arm is capable of moving freely in 3D and can deposit filament for 3D printing across a bigger area. According to the team, Armbot is capable of high-precision 3D printing. It can 3D print at 100 micron layer height with a speed of 150mm/sec and a build volume of 10”x10”x8”. Armbot also comes equipped with remote control features for tablet and smartphone.Armbot 3D Printer 3

Armbot 3D printer features a parallel – axis joint layout for movement along x and y axes. It also features a rigid Z-axis direction shift. This assembly allows the Armbot to move around freely and even reach confined areas and work with precision.

The Armbot 3D printer is being offered to early bidders at $399 and will retail at $499. The package includes a Windows 10 box and 500g of PLA plastic along with the printer itself.Armbot 3D Printer 4

The company’s campaign features examples of 3D prints done by the Armbot 3D printer. From the look of it, the end product sure has a decent look. The device has a potential and is economical as well. The challenge as of now is to carry out the fine-tuning process. For those who have tinkered with a 3D printer, they already know how crucial this process is. Without this process executed properly, the 3D printer can’t print cleanly.Armbot 3D Printer 5

If all goes well, the Armbot 3D printer will begin delivery in Feb-Mar 2017. The company is planning on scaling up the production by making use of a 3D print farm. Let’s see how that pans out for them. Keeping everything aside, this is an innovative approach. It is encouraging to see such projects making their way to crowdfunding phases. Let’s hope this trend continues and we are able to see the full potential of 3D printing.

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