Are you a Strong Puncher – IPunch will Tell

We’ve always wondered as a kid who’s stronger and the faster one among the circle of friends. There were many ‘tests’ that could ascertain the winner. However, when it comes to punching you can’t really be sure who the stronger and faster puncher is unless you make use of equipment worth thousands of dollars. Well, at least that was the case until IPunch was introduced!IPunch3

IPunch , as you might have already guessed, is a device that works to calculate how awesome a puncher you are by calculating two variables; punch speed and punch power. There are two kinds of sensors embedded into each glove; one measures the impact while other accounts for the motion and hence the speed. Such real-time feedback imparts perfection to practice sessions and shall help you improve your punching power and speed while becoming more effective.IPunch5 IPunch4

The gloves come with a companion app that relies on Bluetooth to transfer the data from sensors. The app can also work as your trainer and as you progress the directions become more challenging and you grow as an athlete. IPunch6 IPunchA fund campaign on Indiegogo is being carried out so that a commercial version can be made available.

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