Architects Create Cat Shelters for Charity

A series of cat houses were designed and created by many architects for Architects for Animals “Giving Shelter” fundraiser this month. More than 12 architecture practices created a series of structures for a one night only exhibition and cocktail event to raise money for animal charity.

cat home10

cat home3

These Los Angeles-based architecture firms were given the task to design small outdoor cat shelters for charity.  They raised money for FixNation:  a non-profit organization dedicated to minimizing cap populations through humane, non-lethal methods.

cat home11 cat home7

There were many different concepts and designs. This project gave the architects the opportunity to get a creative as they wanted.  Some shelters seemed very practical while others were just good to look at. The company HOK designed a shelter with artificial grass, a wooden roof, and many small cubbies to accommodate a few kittens.  Many big names in architecture took on this project and created designs that really show off amazing architectural design.

cat home9 cat home8 cat home6

While taking a look at all these awww-worthy pictures, you can’t help but to note the variety of design. None of them look even close to similar.  Wood, faux-grass, carpeting, shingled tubes, metal hoops, and concrete boxes all came together in these wildly creative forms.  Unfortunately, these precious furballs are often left to battle the outside world on their own and that’s why this event was organized, to raise awareness.

cat home5 cat home4 cat home2 cat home1

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