Apple Inc.’s CarPlay – A Convenient Driving Experience

iOS in the Car, currently renamed as CarPlay is the coolest discovery by the Apple folks after iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. The device was put up on display on 10th June 2013 during the opening keynote of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), however it was renamed earlier March this year when launched for public at the Geneva Motor Show. It allows devices running the iOS operating system to work with the built in display units of automobile dashboards. Such convenience certainly brought attention to people owning Apple products.SONY DSC

The system was initially made to work in selected cars only but later, owing to popular demand, Pioneers adopted the technology and three multimedia systems have been developed that can be installed into any car allowing the drivers to control their Apple devices. CarPlay is accessible to all iPhones that use the Lightning connector and function on iOS 7.1 or later.carplay2

It’s amazing how the users feel comfortable in accessing their device while driving; Messaging, iTunes, Maps, Radio, along with many other extended apps can be easily used. It certainly means no reliance on Bluetooth connections although an option is available. One can simply charge the iPhone and use the touchscreen display. A cable is just required to attach the iPhone to the CarPlay and everything is on the big screen. The multimedia system is able to connect with any device that can support playback, may it be a CD, DVD, USB or aux-in. Mercedes-Benz - Apple "CarPlay"

It not only means convenience but road safety and reduced accidental risks making Siri a prominent feature in the system function. The voice command tool can easily be accessed by holding down the button found on the right of the display. This tool is the perfect voice command for multitasking and can be used for anything starting from navigation to locating points of interest such as a café or a library or even just to read emails and texts or check whatsapp, allowing you to reply accordingly. In addition there are built in traffic messages with a DAB tuner offering digital radio. carplay5

All in all it is one heck of a comprehensive addition to the Apple Inc.

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