Apis Cor 3D-Printed A House In Just A Day For Only $10,134

Well, 3D printing might have been stonewashed for some time from the spotlight of fundamental “disruptive” technologies, but not for long. A company has 3D-printed a 400-square-foot (or 37 meters) home in Russia in merely 24 hours at a price of slightly over $10,000. The company Apis Cor, 3D printing specialists based in Russia and San Francisco, used a mobile printer on-site to build the house, as reported in the Telegraph. The company told that the walls of the house were 3D printed and painted in only a day.

Apis Cor 3D-Printed A House In Just A Day For Only $10,134

Generally, when a building is 3D-printed, the components are made off-site which are later used to construct the building. This is not the case with Apis Cor as they make use of a mobile printer in order to 3D-print their apartments on-site. This makes their technique unique.

The world’s first 3D-printed apartment was built in China in 2015 whose structures were printed off-site. So, the Apis’ process is only one of its kind as it eradicates the requirement of transporting the printed structures to the construction site.

Apis Cor 3D-Printed A House In Just A Day For Only $10,134

According to the Apis Cor,

“Printing of self-bearing walls, partitions and building envelope were done in less than a day: pure machine time of printing amounted to 24 hours.”

A concrete mixture is used to print the major components of the house, including the walls, partitions and building envelope. The printer is removed with a crane-manipulator once the house has been completed after which the roof is added. This is followed by the interior fixtures and furnishings, as is a layer of paint to the exterior of the house.Apis Cor 3D-Printed A House In Just A Day For Only $10,134

The first house has been 3D-printed in one of the Apis Cor’s facilities in Russia and it consists of a hallway, bathroom, living room and kitchen. The total construction cost of the house is $10,134. The house can last for almost 175 years, as per the company.

The inventor of the mobile printer and founder of Apis Cor, Nikita Chen-yun-tai, told that he aspires “to automate everything”. He said:

“When I first thought about creating my machine the world has already knew about the construction 3D printing. But all printers created before shared one thing in common – they were portal type. I am sure that such a design doesn’t have a future due to its bulkiness. So I took care of this limitation and decided to upgrade a construction crane design.”

He also told:

“We want to help people around the world to improve their living conditions. That’s why the construction process needs to become fast, efficient and high-quality as well. For this to happen we need to delegate all the hard work to smart machines.”

Apis Cor claims to be the first company to have created a 3D printer capable of printing whole buildings on-site. Although the technology is still in its initial stages, it is expected that the deflationary pressures released by Apis-Cor and its competitors may perhaps result in a huge deflationary wave across the construction space, and would mean that a house that cost in the hundreds of thousands, or millions now, could be constructed for a fraction of the cost, offering cheap, accessible housing to millions, perhaps in the process revolutionizing and upending the multi trillion-dollar mortgage business that is the bedrock of the US banking industry.

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