Answer The Doorbell Using Your Smartphone via This Gadget

Gone are the days when you had to holler to one of your kids to check who’s at the front door.  With the SkyBell version 2.0, home owners can just answer the door through their smartphone.


If you purchase the smart doorbell successor, it hooks up to your Wi-Fi network and to a supported smartphone or tablet which allows you to see who just rang your doorbell.  With SkyBell installed, all you need to do is go through the app and use the built-in camera and speaker to communicate with whoever appears to be on your property.  The second version gives you a better camera and improved wireless performance.  Once you open the app on your chosen device, Skybell will open the video feed in under five seconds.  The new camera has a 140 degree lens for wide-angle viewing.


Another interesting feature is “On-Demand” which lets you see out of SkyBell’s video camera at any time from the app.   The device also has an upgrade motion sensor for when your visitor doesn’t press the button.  The upgraded camera and optics helps provide the best picture quality when the light behind your visitor is too bright.  Multiple users and smartphones can receive alerts.

skybell2 skybell1

In a nutshell, SkyBell is the smart video doorbell that lets you answer the door from your smartphone.  SkyBell features a video camera, exclusive motion sensor, microphone and speaker that allows you to see, hear and speak to your visitor from an iOS or Android mobile device – anywhere in the world.  You can get your SkyBell 2.0 for $199 and it’s available in silver and bronze finishes. The project is looking for funding on Indiegogo.

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