Amazing Photos Taken With an iPhone

Apple is turning the spotlight on its users in a new international ad campaign that will see photos taken ‘by real people’ displayed on billboards across the world.  In recent years, Apple’s popular phone has become one of the most used cameras in the world.

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The new ads, which will be displayed on billboards, bus stops and train stations, will remain simple, featuring a photograph, with the words:  Shot on iPhone.  To go along with the new ad campaign, Apple has also unveiled a new online gallery of images shot by 77 photographers in 70 cities across 24 countries.

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“A un-named company had reached out to my photography rep looking for exceptional examples of photos taken on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.  I spent a few days rummaging through the archives of photos taken on a variety of recent trips across the Northwest, selecting the 15 or so that told the best story.  Learning that this company was in fact Apple was both a pleasant surprise and incredible honor” say Cole Rise, a loyal customer who has carried every iPhone model since launch.”

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Each photograph will have a caption which says where it was taken, whether an app was used to improve the shot, and a tip about why it is a good photo. Amateurs can really benefit by this so that they could improve their skills.  The World Photo Organization (WPO) recently launched a new category to the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards to recognize excellent photographs taken on smartphones.  “It was time for mobile phone photography to have its own dedicated platform, instead of taking the risk of losing some wonderful photos within the hundreds of thousands of entries we receive,” says WPO.  The competition was open to anyone who shot a photo with a smartphone, which could be printed out and shown at an exhibition.  The winning entries will go on show in London at an exhibition from April 14 to May 10.

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