Amazing 3D Models From The Dark Knight Rises Series

Per Haagensen is a Norwegian artist who works at EA DICE in Stockholm, Sweden as a Senior Concept Artist.  He has also done some interesting work for DC, Warner Bros.  His area of expertise is 3D models, ones that look so real you’d easily be fooled….and believe us they’re not photoshopped.

The Dark Knight series is one that is has a huge fan following.  It also it a movie that inspires a lot of cool art. These 3D models by Haagensen look like wax statues but even those have their flaws.  The details on the models are incredibly insane.  For instance Anne Hathaway who plays Catwoman looks as if she’s actually staring at you.  The models are so convincing that if they could move you could make your own sequel to the Dark Knight Rises.  Haagensen uses a combination of digital sculpting and Photoshop to create these 3D models.

dark knight 3D models pers haagensen 2

If we didn’t know any better, it look like Christian Bale is back in action as Batman.

dark knight 3D models pers haagensen 4

Bane is one of the scariest villiains out there.  Even looking at his 3D model will give you the creeps.

dark knight 3D models pers haagensen 3

Aaaahhhh…..the Batpod….the coolest superhero vehicle ever.  Don’t you wish you could ride off into the sunset with Catwoman sitting behind you.

dark knight 3D models pers haagensen 1

Light is bouncing off the simulated clay of Catwoman’s model, not her skin.  It’s hard to believe how real Anne Hathaway looks.


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