All the references in Del Toro’s Simpsons intro with handy labels

In trying to scare up some laughs for its annual Halloween episode, The Simpsons also got deadly serious: They recruited big-screen writer-director Guillermo Del Toro. Known for crafting surreal worlds of fantasy and horror (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Devil’s Backbone) as well as action (Pacific Rim), Del Toro turned Springfield into his own wicked playground with a 2-minute-45-second couch gag/ opening-titles extravaganza to kick off Oct. 6′s “Treehouse of Horror XXIV.” It’s a dense, elaborate, clever, creepy, impressive creation — and it requires several viewings to process all of the action.

Didn’t catch all of the references in Guillermo Del Toro’s amazingly comprehensive Treehouse of Horror intro for The Simpsons?

These folks think they did.  The people over at MoviePilot put together a video, which pauses and labels each of the horror references in the intro sequence—including a bunch of callbacks to previous Treehouse of Horror segments. Give it a watch and see if you can spot anything they missed. Go ahead watch it.


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