Incredible Alexa Skills For Owners Of Amazon Echo

After this holiday season, one of the most wanted devices is the Amazon Echo which is running out of stock very fast at both online and physical stores. Those who got hold of it, check out some of the amazing Alexa expertise that can help you get started with this incredible smart speaker.

Call An Uber

Uber declared the great news regarding the integration of its services with Echo back in February.  So, now you can summon rides by simply telling Alexa to “ask Uber to request a ride” and “ask Uber to request an UberX” or get a status update with “ask Uber where’s my ride?”

In order to begin using the skill, all you need to do is go to Alexa app and configure your Echo’s location, enable Uber under Skills, and link your Uber account.

Alexa Amazon Echo

Stream Songs Using Spotify

One of the major objectives of Echo as a speaker is to boom music, and you are capable of playing any song that is on the streaming service’s huge library via voice commands and even pick one out by playlist, artist, or genre owing to Alexa supporting Spotify.

If Spotify is programmed as your default player, a number of useful phrases are “Alexa, play [song name] by [artist],” “Alexa, pause,” and “Alexa, stop”. On the other hand, you need to abide by those commands with “on Spotify”, in case it isn’t your default player.

In order to get everything ready, open the Alexa app, head on over to the Menu, and go to Music & Books. There, tap on Spotify and link your account.

Alexa Amazon Echo

Order Domino’s Pizza

If you want food delivered to your doorstep in an instant, Alexa can assist you now to get Domino’s Pizza delivered to you in a flash. Just say “Alexa, open Domino’s” to place your order.

However, you must have a Domino’s Pizza Profile and either a Recent Order or Easy Order, which you can set on your profile. After this, all that is required for you is to simply tell Alexa to “open Domino’s and place my Easy Order.”

How To Set Things Up

First-time owners of Echo are obviously questioning how to set everything up. It is very simple. Just charge your Echo, install Alexa on your phone, key in your Wi-Fi connection, and the app will help you go through the rest.

Three Options: Echo, Echo Dot, And Tap

Amazon has three devices that will allow you to gain benefits from Alexa.

First is the Echo which is the full package. However, the only disadvantage is its $179.99 price tag.

Alexa Amazon Echo

Second is the Echo Dot which is the most reasonable among all the three options at $49.99. But, it is more of a smart hockey puck instead of a speaker.

Alexa Amazon Echo

Lastly, a $129.99 battery-powered smart speaker known as the Tap is flaunted to last up to nine hours of playback. Essentially, it is like the Echo but because of its dependency upon batteries to keep the lights on, the problem is that you have to tap it to call Alexa.

Alexa Amazon Echo



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