Airbus Has Launched Pop.UP – Vahana Flying Concept Car

At last, Airbus has debuted its Vahana flying concept car, which is part car and part quadcopter drone, at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. This unique flying concept car has been named Pop.Up for which Airbus collaborated with Italdesign on the practical-sci-fi look of the car.

Pop.Up is fully electric and zero-emission. It adjusts to whatever an owner would require – both ground and airborne transport. While talking with the Associated Press, Airbus’s Mathias Thomsen said:

“You’re in your capsule, you don’t have to go in and out, it’s integrated, it’s seamless, it will be the most pleasant way of getting around town, getting to the airport. I think it will be irresistibly nice.”

Airbus Has Launched Pop.UP - Vahana Flying Concept Car

It has been pointed out by the Airbus that it is about choice and working with preexisting systems instead of redefining a complete industry. According to the company, efficiency would be maximized by the Pop.Ups that carry out the practical requirements of its users.

Pop.Up does not only move people upward and onward, but it is also interactive. Users are capable of choosing a destination, checking their social media accounts and discovering points of interest along their route with the help of a touch screen. In addition to this, connectivity also implies that those users can plan everything through an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Airbus Has Launched Pop.UP - Vahana Flying Concept Car

Thomsen said while explaining:

“We have wearable technology which identifies you when you get in… You have a big display that tells you what’s going on, you get access to your own content, you can enjoy your space and take back time while you travel.”

Airbus Has Launched Pop.UP - Vahana Flying Concept Car

Government rules and red tape in several countries is the greatest problem in promoting Airbus’s new form of travel. Anything that looks like a drone the least bit is leapt at by the Federal Aviation Administration of the U.S. Although, the quadcopter style of the Pop.Up may perhaps not be accepted well, but, Airbus is hopeful that nations will make suitable alterations in order to take up this innovative form of travel.

Airbus Has Launched Pop.UP - Vahana Flying Concept Car

According to Thomsen,

“It’s not so much the infrastructure, but it needs to be there and city planning, urban planning, it takes a bit of time. So we actually see a good timeline for the technology maturation and the regulatory environments to work together within the next five to ten years.”

Check out the Airbus Group’s promotional video below:

The Geneva Motor Show has started for the public and will run until March, 19. Airbus has put a remarkable example. Let’s see what other automakers can set on display.

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