ADORN Is World’s First Makeup 3D Printing Pen

3D printing and scanning technologies are seen in many industries such as medicine, fashion, and art.  Now this technology is making an impact on the cosmetics industry.  A breakthrough in 3D makeup has taken place as a UK based company has developed Adorn, a foundation pen that 3D prints customized color foundation.  How cool is that?

adorn 3d foundation pen2 adorn 3d foundation pen3

As skin color changes throughout the year with seasonal exposure to sun, the Adorn boasts color matching consistency without having to be replaced.  The portable makeup printer comes equipped with a pre-filled foundation cartridge, and can be used repeatedly to scan different tones.  The Adorn 3D makeup pen has inbuilt sensors that scan your face in total darkness, printing a natural skin tone from more than 75,000 shades.

adorn 3d foundation pen4 adorn 3d foundation pen5

After scanning the user’s face, the pen will let out a small beep, and print the unique color is has generated.  The cylindrical foundation pen is powered by rechargeable batteries, which can last up to a few weeks, depending on the frequency of use.  “They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” an Adorn spokesperson said.  “We like to say it’s in one clever pen.  No longer will ladies have to settle for coverage that’s too light or dark.  With Adorn, they can print catwalk worthy coverage, at the touch of a button.”  “3D printing has transformed the global manufacturing industry and now, Adorn is bringing the cutting edge technology to the modern beauty sector.”

adorn 3d foundation pen7

Whether you’re pale in winter, tanned in summer or honey kissed in spring and fall, Adorn will dispense the right foundation every time.  The pen comes packaged in a waterproof metallic casing that is available in a variety of colors and can easily fit into a purse or makeup case.  Normally the pen retails for $279 but it is currently available on Adorn’s website for a reduced price of $139.  The cartridges are refillable and can be replaced when needed for under $20.

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