A Short Film About A Serial Killer Robot “ABE”

This beautiful short, tell the story of a robot designed to love. Serving a family, he realizes that although he loves them, they only see him as a slave. Because no one designed him, on what to do if those he loves, do not love back, thus being a robot he assumes they are broken and tries to fix them. It is an allegory to a human serial killer, a psychopath or a sociopath. In the end he also wishes that he could stop and realize what is it that everyone think, he is doing wrong. But as he does not realize what is wrong, he cannot stop.  It has a subtle tone, whose concept is quite terrifying and makes one think as to, if robots are created what will their purpose be if we decide they are no longer of use, especially if A.I is created.

Deadline reports that, This terrifying short movie Abe, about a robot who becomes a serial killer will be now made into a full length feature film. This short was made by British writer/director/VFX artist Rob McLellan. McLellan will now write and direct the feature about a robot serial killer, and Kevin Misher and Steve Tzirlin will produce it.

McLellan also wrote Strings, a feature spec script about time-traveling thieves. As you see above when you watch the Abe short, McLellan does something with the serial killer/slasher film genre that I’ve not seen before. It sets your teeth on edge, but also leaves you wanting to see how this one turns out.

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