A Must Have for Parents – The Sproutling Baby Monitor

A tracker for babies? No, no, no…..the baby isn’t running off anywhere. It’s basically a glorified baby monitor.   Forget about the iPhone 6, a new futuristic baby monitor might soon top parents’ wish list. Gone are the days when parents stood outside their baby’s nursery trying to listen carefully or hold up the traditional monitor up to their ear because they couldn’t hear it clearly.


Sproutling, a California based company is set to release an ankle bracelet for babies. The Sproutling Baby Monitor will alert parents of their child’s well-being. The device will be able to track temperature, noise and motion. It will alert parents if the baby is too hot or restless. The monitor consists of three parts: a wearable anklet, a smart charger and a mobile app. The Sproutling Baby Monitor2 The Sproutling Baby MonitorAltogether the parts will constantly check things like the baby’s heart rate, skin temperature and movement, as well as the room’s temperature, humidity, noise and light levels. The app will also be able to make predictions, like when your child will wake up from a nap. An email alert or text message will be sent once your child does wake up. The Sproutling Baby Monitor4 The Sproutling Baby Monitor5Some might argue that babies have developed normally and healthy from the beginning of time without all these shenanigans but co-founder Chris Bruce says, in this fast track world, time management is everything and this product could be a helpful asset to make the best of your free time which is when the baby is asleep.


The Sproutling Baby Monitor was invented by a team of new parents and former engineers at Apple and Google, along with the help of child pediatric specialists and PhD scientists. Technology is power and no one should remain powerless. The Sproutling Baby Monitor3The company’s headquarter is in San Francisco, California.   The device will retail for $299 when it goes on sale at the end of 2015. sproutling2The company expects that it will be a hit with new parents but the cost might make parents opt for the cheaper, traditional baby monitor. Some parents are already praising the idea. Bruce said that as a parent himself, he understands the anxieties that most parents face when leaving their child alone. His answer? Technology.

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