He did THIS to Basement and That too for ONLY $107 – Unbelievable!!!

Men always need a space they call their own to unwind.  Dennis Martin, a father of eight converted his basement in Helena, Alabama, into a 1950’s log cabin.

The retreat was built as a way of escaping the pressures of the modern world.  He spent a grand total of $107 transforming an empty basement room used for storage into a rustic man cave.  This is how he did it:

This is what the room looked like before.


He used old crate wood that a local metal company used for shipping…Price: $0


Using a draw knife make every board appear hand cut.


…..And board by board the walls go up.

log4 log5

He has even added a window.  When completed it will look out into the mountains.


Stones found on the side of the road were used to make the fireplace.  They too were free.


The center support beam in the ceiling was aged and stained.  It was one of the only pieces of lumber he actually paid for.


Now it’s time for the flooring.


This is the entrance door to the log cabin.  On the other side it is a regular looking dog.


The exterior window is actually a photograph lit from behind.  You can turn the light off to simulate night outside.


Many of the pieces of furniture and shelves are made from aged and reclaimed wood.


The firelplace looks place looks real but it isn’t.  It’s made of real stone and reclaimed barn wood.  There are even real ashes and a real burn marks the floor.


The animal trophy on the wall makes us think he likes to hunt.


Six weeks later…….he has finished his man cave.

log13 log17 log12 log11

It might not be a real cabin getaway, but for him there’s no better place to catch up on reading or unwinding, or even stay out of your wife’s way for a couple of hours.  Martin said “Some of my fondest memories are hunting with my kids, hearing my grandfather’s hunting stories and my yearly trip to a mountain cabin with my wife.  I really wanted a space which captured those memories so I decided to build by own log cabin.”

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