A Look Into The Cities of The Future Predicted by Ian Pearson

Ian Pearson is a futurologist with an accuracy of 85% so far for his predictions. He has put together a report on what we can expect by 2045, especially in the construction industry. Here are the top 8 amazing predictions from his report:


future cities

Buildings will be run by artificial intelligence. Siri’s mother, perhaps? Residents will be able to talk to the buildings and order required changes like temperature change.

future cities 1

Super skyscrapers will act as small cities. With the cost of land always rising, super high buildings will have dedicated floors for working, residence and commercial activities? Residence will also be divided into different categories on different floors.

future cities 2

Actual windows will be replaced by virtual reality screens that would be able to change the view according to the needs of the resident. This would be a big plus for cheap accommodation with a great view.

future cities 3

Development in nanotechnology will allow people to use special coatings on the outer surfaces of the buildings to generate energy from sunlight, a revolution in the solar energy industry.

future cities 4

Heating and lighting will follow you around the room with motion and presence sensors. Residents will be able to control the amount of heat and light required by simple voice commands.

future cities 5

Construction workers will wear exoskeletons that would enable them to do work that was previously impossible to do for human beings. Panasonic are already developing this Iron Man Suit which does many things, including lifting heavy objects.

future cities 6

Robots will take over some construction jobs that are deemed unsafe for humans according to new health and safety regulations.

future cities 7

3D printing and robotic assembly units will fast track construction projects. With materials printed and jobs carried out by efficient robots, rapid construction will become a norm.

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