A Jacket with Surveillance Cameras

This funky looking jacket might not win a night out on the town with a pretty lady, but it just might save you from being mugged. As crime is increasing all around us this new wearable technology called the Aposematic Jacket could save your life.


The jacket is an art project supported by the Seoul Art Space, designed by South Korea based artists, Shin Seung Back and Kim Yong Hun, and stitched by former Giorgio Armani designer Jehee Sheen. The Aposematic Jacket was designed as a surveillance garment, allowing you to warn off potential attackers by photographing 360 degrees around and giving off a warning signal.


When we think about wearable technology, we think about some cool looking, sleek gizmo, but this odd, futuristic, something out of a James Bond movie jacket is a bit different. It has loads of lenses, a camera, wi-fi module, battery pack embedding into the fabric and a Rasberry Pi controller to do the fancy video shooting and initiating the distress message. It measures 15x60x70 cm in total.   When the person wearing it pushes the record button, the jacket begins recording and instantly sends those images to the web, so anyone who takes the risk of attacking you will have his or her face plastered all over the 5 o’clock news.


There are many cities in the world that track crime through the use of public surveillance cameras, but there are some places that don’t get coverage and that’s where attackers will try to make a move on you. Whether this jacket will ever make it into the market is yet to be seen.  While no one has eyes on the back of their head, you can rest easy with the Aposematic Jacket.

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