A Geek Comes Up With A Garbage Can For Your Car Known As ‘Carbage Can’

In case you are a traveler or a mom whose maximum time is spent inside the car or you just want to keep it clean and neat, then Carbage Can is your solution.

Although keeping one’s car clean must be easy, however it is not something that is always convenient. Carbage Can might turn out to be the best way to keep your car clean and tidy if you are among those people whose maximum time is spent inside the car.

An easy-to-install and easy-to-use garbage can for your car is the Carbage Can. This can makes use of two small clips in order to stay in place so that you are capable of keeping your car as neat and clean as you want to. It is made up of 100% recycled plastic. As the installment of this can takes only a moment or two, this implies that you can easily move it around based on wherever is most fitting. There is no need of any tool or anything to screw in and there is nothing to construct, all you need to do is attach the clips to the bottom of your mat. The Carbage Can is very lightweight and slender and hence can easily fit in your car.

A Geek Comes Up With A Garbage Can For Your Car Known As ‘Carbage Can’ (1)

Uncountable hours were spent in the designing of this can by a dad and husband, Raymond Furgason. He sized it perfectly to repurpose grocery bags. Finally, there is some use of all those extra plastic grocery bags thrown away under your sink.

Currently, he is running it as a Kickstarter project in order to collect the money he needs. His goals were mentioned by him as:

“Manufacturing this to a large scale is costly. It is easy to think, “Why would this size of a trashcan have such a cost?” The molds required to manufacture this product on a large scale are expensive but they are crucial to the production process. Without molds, there can be no mass production of the Carbage Can. This product was designed with the expert consultation of a plastic manufacture engineer.

Between finding the perfect engineer and the several revisions it took to get a quality product, this was not cheap. Additional expenses include marketing, distributions, patents and expert knowledge. The only real impediment to shipping out the first run of Carbage Cans is funding. I am in need of some outside help to get the ball rolling.”

A Geek Comes Up With A Garbage Can For Your Car Known As ‘Carbage Can’ (2)

This no-spill can is non-intrusive, never getting in your way, no matter how full your car is. It is one of the next big car accessory. Carbage Can is the perfect solution for keeping your car garbage-free, especially for those who are a family with kids, friends out on the town, or an Uber driver with plenty of PAX, or someone that just appreciates a neat and tidy car.

As Raymond Furgason stated:

“I am the founder of Carbage Can. I bring to you several years of experience in purchasing and overseas sourcing. I know how to run a manufacturing and shipping operation and I am ready to take this project and bring Carbage Can to market.  I filtered through several different manufactures to locate the perfect one.  You may think hiring a plastic manufacture is just as good as the rest… False!  You could compare it to finding the perfect employee.”



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