A Crucial Invention: The Selfie Hairbrush

Whether you love them or you hate them, you can’t deny not taking a selfie or two in your life.  Well for those selfie lovers out there, a new hairbrush is available that will help you take those perfect selfies that are so needed to look good.  A selfie brush….What is next? Honestly?!?!?

selfie hairbrush2

Now you can tame you locks and find your perfect angle with this hairbrush that allows you to slide your phone in the back and snap away.  Available in three colors, this selfie-taking/hair-brushing/phone case hybrid is compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5s.  Android users will have to wait for this invention to gain popularity.  The back of the paddle brush features a space to slip your phone in, as well as a mirror to ensure the perfect selfie.  Now you can get the perfect selfie without dropping your phone on your face or on the floor, for the very affordable price of $20.selfie hairbrush1

So if you’re done with painfully contorting your body and neck to the get the perfect angle, waiting for the sun to reach a certain point in the sky for better lighting to get the best selfie, this Selfie Brush is for you.  selfie hairbrush3You can make phone calls and text while the phone is still in the brush, how cool is that?

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