8 Features That Apple Car Will Offer

Apple is planning to step into the automobile business by 2019 by revealing their own electric vehicle. But the fabled “Titan” is still in the pipeline and details are still unknown. However, by comparing what the potential competitors are presenting in the market, we can make a guess at what we can expect when Apple finally releases its own car. One thing is for sure, it is set to revolutionize the automobile industry too as it did with the mobile industry. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from the Titan.

8. A sleek, revolutionary, aerodynamic design

apple car 1

While nothing is official yet, the car will surely have a very sleek design as is the case with most Apple products. To be more efficient, the car will also have to have an aerodynamic design like most electric cars. Apple recently held a contest sponsored by Freelancer.com and many contestants came up with some brilliant concept designs. The one shown above was the winner, with LED screens and lateral doors.

7. All-electric with long range

apple car 2

By 2019, Apple will have a lot of competition in the electric car space. Tesla Model 3 is expected to have a range of about 250 miles on a single charge. And Audi’s e-tron quattro is expected to go into production in 2018 and will go as far as 310 miles with just one charge. Apple will have to compete with them so we can expect a healthy range of around 400-500 miles on a single charge on the Apple car.

6. Fast Charging

apple car 3

Audi’s e-tron quattro car is said to fully charge in just 50 minutes. Porsche’s latest concept car the Mission E is said to charge about 80 percent in just 15 minutes. Apple will have to match it, of not do better, to have a chance of surviving in this field. They might integrate some solar panels to boost up the charging process.

5. Self-driving technology

apple car 4

Google, BMW and Volkswagen are already testing their self-driving cars in public. It is expected that autonomous driving, which is already the fastest-growing car feature, will be worth $44 billion by 2021. Cars can function on an “autopilot” and self-park or navigate at low speeds, but Apple will have to go one up and introduce long distance autonomous driving.

4. Lots of displays for data and entertainment

apple car 5

Apple does displays exceedingly well, so an Apple car should have a lot of touchscreen displays. An Apple patent in 2009 for “programmable tactile touchscreen displays and man machine interfaces for improved vehicle instrumentation and telematics” that mentions 17-inch OLED screens and similar technology.

3. Siri to control everything in the car

apple car 6

With iOS 9, Apple has opened up its API to enable car makers to create their own apps for the system to control functions in the car like climate control, but users are still at the will of waiting on those apps to be created and they still can’t be controlled with Siri. In the ideal Apple Car, Siri would be seamless. You could control everything from the music, AC, speed, lights, navigation, etc. just by saying “Hey, Siri.” Apple will have to make the car fool proof against cyber-attacks as well.

2. Integration with Apple Watch and iPhone

apple car 7

Drivers of BMW i-models can monitor their car with their Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. Apple could potentially do something similar with its Apple Watch and the iPhone. Users could check their car’s battery, diagnostics, or even start their car with an Apple Watch or their iPhone. An Apple patent filed in 2012 shows the company may already be working on similar features. The company also filed a patent in 2011 that describes using a designated iPhone to start a vehicle or even disable the engine during certain hours.

1. A high level of personalization

apple car 8

In June, BMW showed off a futuristic concept car called the Mini Vision Next 100 that is capable of automatically changing settings based on who is riding in the car. The car can identify the rider and adjust things like the lighting, music, and even choose a route based on your preferences. Personalization will become increasingly more important as driverless cars push more people towards ride sharing over car ownership. So we can expect that the Apple car will be highly customizable.

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