$75 Million Offered for Three More Episodes of Breaking Bad

Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg offered 75 million dollars to the creators of breaking bad to produce just 3 more episodes of his beloved series. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they refused. Damn.

Of course there were monetary interests behind that too; Katzenberg wanted to create “the greatest pay-per-view (event) in scripted television ever.” According to him, these episodes would be delivered in 6-minute long installments delivered over the internet. But, as we all know or at least most of us know, the series did end and there almost is no chance of a comeback or continuation. So there goes that oppurtunity. On a positive note, we have to commend the creators of Breaking Bad and specially Vince Gilligan, who ended the story where it should have ended and did not prolong the thing to milk it more. In my opinion that’s what art and story-telling should be about; about the experience, not about squeezing every last penny out of a production.

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