6 Technologies That Will Revolutionize Film Making And Photography

The film industry been completely revolutionized in the recent years. Over the past century, filmmaking has totally been revamped with the introduction of computers and all sorts of new technologies. However, these new technologies are set to change film making as we know it. Here are six technologies that will transform the future of film.

6. Light Field Technology

light field technology

The image capturing technology is progressing through leaps and bounds. New advancements are constantly being made like the ILLUM which is the first commercially available light field camera. It allows the photographer to capture all aspects of an image, just not the parts in focus upon which the light is being projected. It is developed by Lytro and allows users the choice to opt for their preferred aperture and focus.

5. Flat Lenses

flat lenses

A research team from Harvard has given the design of a flat optical lens. According to them, ultra-thin lens gives accuracy on a wider range of wavelengths. This will also reduce chromatic aberrations that are caused due to curved lenses and redefine the entire structure of the camera.

4. iPhone 7 Dual-Lens Camera

Apple purchased LinX Imaging which ensures that the iPhone 7 will have the best smartphone camera to date. It will boast of the dual camera technology and enable the iPhone to take SLR quality pictures.

3. Canon Patents

canon patents

Recently filed patents by Canon indicate that a new Canon 5D, and a Canon C700 to offer competition to the ARRI AMIRA, are in store. The amazing improvement in the pixel count has already changed the imaging industry as we knew it.

2. Computerized Sound Design

coumpterized sound design

A team of researchers from MIT has developed an ingenious AI system that evaluates a silent video and adds realistic sound to it. This has opened a gateway to a future where an entire soundtrack may be designed by an algorithm.

1. AI-written Screenplays

A collaboration between Ross Goodwin of NYU and Oscar Sharp resulted in Benjamin, an AI System that was able to write a screenplay for itself. This will potentially change the script writing industry altogether.

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