6 Revolutionary Inventions Made Possible Thanks To 3D Printing

3D printing technology is making an exponential growth nowadays.  Following are the top 6 ground-breaking innovations in 3D printing technology from 3D-printed food to 3D-printed human organs:

6. 3D-Printed Food

Well, it is not a surprise that humans always look for convenience. Therefore, there is no point in going through the trouble of actually making food when you can easily slap some chemicals inside a machine and it will whip you up a nice tasty food. This is exactly what NASA is researching about these days with one of their most recent projects, that is, 3D-printed food in space. At present, 3D food printers are only capable of making sweets and pizza, but NASA is planning to take it to next level and build a printer which is capable of making a variety of food for their astronauts. Needless to say, but this technology is still in the initial stages of development and it will probably take many years before it is ready to be implemented on a live flight.

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5. 3D-Printed Homes

Humans are adapted to an engineered environment naturally. Per se, we need a roof over our heads and a controlled temperature to make our lives as comfortable as possible. But then, it takes a long time to construct a house. Therefore, as the new companies are offering 3D printers which are capable of printing a full-size house in merely some hours, the man-made construction might become a thing of the past. One such company has already built ten 3D-printed houses in only 24 hours successfully. The Process entails bulky machinery, and refinements need to be made as well as providing a sufficient ground to build upon. The process is far from autonomous, nonetheless, future editions could see the houses be built entirely on their own.

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4. 3D-Printed Prosthetic Limbs

The unbelievable expensive rates of prosthetics is mostly because of the reason that that the parts must all be handcrafted with great precision under a particularly sanitary condition. However, a technique has been designed by a company that turns medical scans into a 3D model which can then precisely match and fit a patient. Now, the prosthetics can be printed on demand and can be printed more accurately than ever, thereby enabling people much greater mobility with much less pain. Even functioning ‘tendons’ that can manipulate artificial joints and provide patients greater motor function like walking and grabbing objects are included in some editions. This technology is helping in decreasing the inflated prices of prosthetic limbs and hence let more people have greater adaptations to life than ever would before.


3. 3D-Printed Metal

A working model of a 3D printer that is capable of printing metal objects has been successfully devised by a group of engineers. . The device functions by introducing powerful lasers to a metallic powder. On contact, this powder liquefies and then solidifies to turn into the specified object. At present, there is no large-scale operation, nevertheless upon further improvement, the technology might become capable of printing precise electronic components and high tensile materials that are also incredibly durable. Although the future of metallic 3D printing remains a little shadowy, the technology backing the system is simply classic. Harvard has built a metallic printer that can print the objects in mid-air. Have a look:

2. 3D Printing in Space

A vital problem of space is that it is very difficult as well as extraordinarily expensive to get anything up there. But, NASA is confronting the issue head-on with the help of 3D printers. A 3D printer has been sent up by NASA lately that was even capable of printing a wrench required for a project. The printer permits for greater dexterity while decreasing the amount of tools required. Astronauts are able to print the required replacement parts on a need-to-basis rather than carrying them and the tools needed for installations.

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1. 3D-Printed Human Organs

3D printing living cells is the most remarkable of all that engineers have been able to print. Even though the functions are simple at the moment, but future alterations may perhaps witness robots printing human prosthetics out of bio-organic material. The tissue created will be directed towards reducing costs for medical testing. In preference to live animal testing that often breaks off subsequently, the animals can be spared and 3-D printed tissue can be used instead. A 3×3 millimetre printer has been created by UC San Diego. Tissue can be printed in seconds by means of this printer. In order to print more complex structures and cells which could open the door to “patient-specific organ printing”, the team is working on the technology. It is possible that exchangeable limbs become an essential part of the near future. As the body starts to deteriorate, brains often function for a very long time. However, the new technology could see the first ‘super human’ ever made from engineered technology. We just hope it won’t be reminiscent of the terminator.

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The shape of the technology age will change forever by means of the future of 3D printing technology. Many vital elements have already been contributed by 3D printing technology which are being implemented into several businesses and being used by engineers every day. It is a cost-effective, practical way of quickly getting what you need. One day, it could even save your life.

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