5 Must Have Solar Powered Gadgets

It is really a bummer when our gadgets run out of juice and we cannot do the tasks that we normally would. Using the unlimited supply of energy from the Sun, the following gadgets come in really handy. These are not only smart, but also clean. Here is a list of some must-have solar powered gadgets.

5. Solar Phone Charger

sunflower solar charger

The Sunflower solar phone charger is something everyone needs. These days, almost everyone has a smartphone and while these phones are very useful and integral in our lives, they do tend to run out of battery sooner than older phones, which is one of the drawbacks. The Sunflower solar charger comes to the rescue as it can be used anywhere where there is sunlight. It not only saves millions of watt-hours of energy every year spent of charging phones but also ensures that we move towards using sustainable and clean energy sources. The Sunflower 2500mAh Phone Charger is available at Amazon for $19.95. Not a bad investment.

4. Solar Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

robotic lawn mower

Who likes mowing lawns? Well, not many people. You either have to be very enthusiastic about gardening or very free to really like mowing lawns. Most of us want others to do it for us. However, Husqvarna have come up with a robotic, fully autonomous lawn mower that doesn’t even use gas or oil. Yes, you read that right. It is called the Automower 220AC and it runs completely on solar energy. It has a rechargeable NiMH 18-volt battery and also gets energy from the 12-watt solar cell panel attached to its back. It is made completely from recycled materials so that makes it extra environment friendly. It is available for $2,399 at Husqvarna website, which does sound a lot, but once you consider all that you will spend over a period of time on manpower or fuel, it’s really not that much.

3. Solar Powered Speaker

solar speaker

Summer means fun. Fun means parties. And parties mean music. Whether you’re on the beach or at home at poolside, you need some speakers to play your jam and dance to it. If you’re not a fan of wiring like us, the Eton Rugged Rukus solar powered, Bluetooth ready speakers are the thing for you. The speaker system has a solar panel on the top and is water-resistant so you need not worry about it too much near water. It can also be used to charge your smartphone simultaneously. This system is available for $79.49 at Amazon.

2. Solar Generator

solar generator

This is especially useful in power starved countries like Pakistan. It is basically a power pack that allows you to store energy during the day and use it at night. It hold 28 watts of power. One single charge can recharge your phone 20 times or your laptop 2 times a day. It can also be used outdoors, even on boats and cars where you need to plug in some of your power hungry gadgets. It is called LB1 High Performance PB160 Solar Generator Kit w/28 Watt Solar Panel Charger and is available for $349.99 at Amazon.

1. Solar Powered Backpack

solar backpack

This is certainly not the first time we have heard about it. BrikSun is just one of the many companies that offer this product simply because it is so handy and useful. It can charge all your everyday gadgets while also providing ample space for packing other stuff like books or clothes. There are USB ports around the backpack that can charge your phone, iPod, camera or your tablet on the go and the number of ports depends on the type of bag you use. BrikSun Festival Friend is available for $99.99 at BrikSun website.

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