5 Animals That Have Been Launched into Space

The first word when man landed on the moon was “ok” but men and women are not the only living organism who have been launched into space. Our today’s article is about the animals that were forced to volunteer by us humans to be launched into space. Here is the list of animals


5- Cats:


Cats have been relatively latecomers as far as animals visiting space is concerned. In 1963 the French sent the first cat into space and now Iran, as is expanding its horizon and targeting space, wants to launch a Persian cat into space in the early months of 2014.

4- Rodents:


Scientists have conducted many experiments on rodents and now they have extended it to space. Biomedical engineer Ted Bateman used mice to test a protein, osteoprotegerin, that slows the process of bone decaying as aging does and since space speeds up the aging process it provided the perfect conditions.  Jeffrey Alberts, a professor of psychology at Indiana University sent pregnant rodent into space to study the movements of off springs as they experienced no gravity in space and studied how they behaved in zero gravity situation. The exhibited a wide range of new movements.

3- Fish:

Medaka Fish

The Japanese HTV-3 supply ship docked with the ISS (International Space Station) in 2010 where they had an aquarium with “medaka” in it.The fish was slected because it was best suited for observation since the bred quickly and had transparent skin. This allowed the researchers to observe the organs better. The fish were checked for bone degradation and muscle atrophy. Naturally the fish were in water but they showed strange movements. Instead of swimming straight they swam in loops.

2- Monkeys:


Many species of monkey have been sent into space including rhesus which is a highly intelligent species of monkey. Albert I through VI, rhesus, have been sent into space however they suffered grim fate as most of them died. Many countries use monkeys for this purpose.

1- Chimpanzees:


Ham was the first chimpanzee to go into space and was caught in Cameroon in 1959. He was trained in rather brutal fashion as if he did what his trainers wanted he was given a banana while if he did otherwise he was given a mild shock. His training proved useful as he was launched into space in 1961 and despite few malfunctioning he came back alive and lived in Washington, D.C.’s National Zoo and the North Carolina Zoo. He died at the age of 26.

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