3DRacers: A 3D Printable Car Racing Game

Boys will be boys and car racing will never get obsolete.  Now we have a car racing game with a twist.  This is a 3D printed racing game that you control with your smartphone and program like an Arduino.

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Italian company, 3DRacers involves racing toy cars around a track on the floor, controlling them from a smartphone app.  Straight races can include warm-up laps and pit stops, while a ‘battle mode’ throws turbos and videogame style power ups in the mix.  The emphasis is on customization, though.  Players will create their cars using an online tool, then either download the files to print their parts if they own a 3D printer, or get them printed locally.  They will then proceed to build their own racing cars, fitting the parts together with a ‘pilot electronic board’ supplied by 3DRacers.  Each car has a sensor that detects specially designed 3D printed gates.  The company hopes the game will be used in schools by children learning programming skills.

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The cars feature an open source Arduino-based circuit board.  The board can control up to two motors and three servomechanisms.  It has an embedded LED, an infra-red receiver/transmitter, a battery charger and a custom-made gate/position detector.  Users can control the car with either a mobile app for iOS and android or a separate controller that can also be 3D printed.  The car batteries are said to last for 30 minutes on a full charge.


Currently the campaign is underway for 3DRacers and individuals can pledge $49 for a simple kit with home printing or $65 for the same kit with 3D Hubs printing.

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