3Doodler Start: A 3D Pen For Kids

Whether it’s a pen, crayon, markers or a pencil…..Kids love to doodle!!  The company who brought us the world’s first 3D printing pen, WobbleWorks is now back with a new, safer model just for kids.

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The 3Doodler needed to heat to melt the 3D printing filament, which meant it was an adults only product.  Called ‘The 3Doodler Start’ is a child-friendly version of the 3Doodler pen.  This pen is specifically designed for kids from the age of 8-13.  The company created a new kind of filament that melts with hardly any heat.  The 3Doodler Start does not have any hot parts, it runs on one speed and it doesn’t get hotter than a certain temperature.

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Wobbleworks uses environmentally friendly eco-plastics which are made from BPA-free, food safe materials.  Even though the plastic that comes out of the pen is warm, it is completely safe to touch.  The 3D printing pen has offered the world a simple alternative to complex machinery that’s involved in the 3D printing process.

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The 3Doodler Start will give creative and talented minds to showcase their abilities.  Daniel Cowen, Co-Founder, said “3Doodler Start inspires creativity, design, building and spatial understanding, opening up 3D creation to a whole new generation.  This is not a fad toy; we believe that, like Lego and now Minecraft, the 3Doodle Start will become part of every kids’s upbringing.”  Another great feature for kids are the DoodleBlocks, silicone like mold blocks with patterns in them.  The idea is that this is even easier for a child to draw into with the 3D pen and then pop them out.  The designs can then be used to create items including bracelets, cars and puzzle pieces.

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Measuring 138x35x41 mm and weighing 91g, the pen is ergonomically designed for smaller hands.  The pen will retail for $49.99 but is currently available for a discounted $39.99 on the 3Doodler website.  The bundle package will include a USB charger, two packets of 3Doodler Start biodegradable Eco-Plastic filament, and a fun project book to help with creativeness.  The discounted prices for the 3Doodler Start bundles will be available until March 9, with shipping expected in May 2016.

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