3D Printing Is Changing The World As We Know It

According to futurists, 3D printing will make life as we know it today barely recognizable in 50 to 75 years.  Just think about it, we’re already printing things like skin, kidneys and replicas of a beating human heart.  With bio-printed organs, living to 110 will be a piece of cake.  Realistically speaking, 3D printing will change the way things are produced more in this century that the industrial revolution did over the last 300 years.

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3D printing technology sounds pretty futuristic, but it’s quite straightforward.  Instead of spraying toner on paper, you’re putting down layers of something (plastic resin) until the layers add up to an object.  3D printing really is bringing in a new era.  People are using it to create all kinds of things for entertainment, art, work, education, medical needs and more.  We are slowly accepting the fact that 3D printing is the technology spreading across multiple industries, including manufacturing, education, space and even weaponry.

Bioprinting is one of the fastest growing areas of 3D printing:

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“Researcher from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine detailed how they managed to create a 3D bio-printer that is precise enough to actually manufacture replacement tissue capable of being used in transplant surgery.  Body parts printed thus far include a jaw bone, muscle tissue, cartilage structures, and perhaps most impressive of all, an incredibly accurate human ear.”

Research and development of 3D printing based medical techniques have already saved countless lives and opened the doors to previously unimaginable possibilities in medicine.  Healthcare is not the only field that 3D printing is accelerating in:

In fact, 3D printing technology is advancing at an unbelievable rate.  American designers are now working on 3D printed cars, while in China and Holland, 3D printers are building entire houses.  The first 3D printed hamburger was recently created in England, heralding the possibility of a man-made food supply.

Here a some ways 3D printing can or will eventually change the world.

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7. Replacements Available 24/7

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Imagine living in a society where instead of having to go to a store to get a replacement or order for replacement, you just use 3D printing and print out the part you need right away, with as many number of parts you need.

6.  Prosthetics Become Affordable 

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3D printer are being used to create low cost prosthetics where they are most needed.  Hopefully, the idea to create cheap, customizable prosthetics that anyone can afford will become mainstream and help transform the lives of the affected.

5.  Parts In Space

Transporting items into space is incredibly expensive and astronauts amy need to wait for the next mission to get the parts needed.  With 3D printing available, they can print out their own parts or other items in event of an emergency.

4.  Print Pizza Instead Of Ordering

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Some printers today can be used to print out foods from simple candies and chocolate to even a pizza.  Sounds unbelievable?? but it  is happening.  This technology can be put to good use in space where astronauts don’t get to eat the kinds of food.

3.  Helps Reduce Plastic Waste

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Plastic that we throw away on a regular basis can actually be recycled into filaments used in 3D printing.  Help save the environment with 3D printing.

2.  Reprint Rather That Wait For Organs

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A 3D printer can also be used to pile organic matter, systematically layer by layer to build tissue an organs.  There is a lot of potential this technology has and this will help cut down the long wait patients have to endure for matching, healthy o

And with the good…….comes the bad.

1.  Printable Weapons

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3D printing could be used to make weapons.  There was an online plan released on how to make a 3D gun.  Although the US Department of State demanded the plans to be taken off the Web, you know that things that get on the Internet, stays on the Internet.

Technology gurus like Jack Uldrich say “There’s no stopping a speeding train.  The choices are get on board, get passed by, or get run over.”  Take your pick…..Ready or not!!!! Here it comes!!!

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