3D Printing Elegant Table Art Is Geeky And Amazing

Creation of art and revolution of art is never-ending similar to the developments in technology that never end. What happens when you mix up these two, well that’s what Cypriot based designer Stelios did. Using 3D printing technology, Stelios created a series of amazing artworks labelled “Wave City Table”. Below we get a glance at “Wave City Dining Table”.


Getting their inspiration from a film, Stelios created this masterpiece that is a well-proportioned mixture of steel, wood and 3D printed technology along with hand painted techniques of coloring. This artwork comes with dimensions of 250 cm x 120 cm x 76 cm and is a limited edition piece. The impressive delicacy of this artwork priced at €18000 (including shipping) is appreciable even in pictures, so we can imagine how impressive these can be in person.



Below are the pictures of the “Wave City Coffee Table” from the series.




Another artwork by this amazing artist Stelios is the Rocket Coffee Table. Created with the help of 3D printing as well, this artwork is the result of multiple techniques at work from lathe to 3D printing, resin casting and traditional hand curved pieces as explained in the introduction of the artwork. The fashioning of this table is bound to bring a smile to the faces of adults that are nostalgic, children and those in touch with their inner child. The glass is detachable from the rockets, so different consumers can form a structure according to their liking.




Elegant Art Tables using 3D Printing 8

About the Creator
Stelios Mousarris, a Cypriot based designer with Bachelor Degree in Modelmaking, has worked as a modelmaker and as an assistant designer for Fosters and Partners in the past. He entered the design world in 2014 after starting his own company named Mousarris. The aim of the company is to produce furniture and other products with no compromise on quality.

Image Courtesy: Stelios Mousarris

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