3D Printing And AI Meet In The Form Of Vision

This building has solved one of the biggest challenges faced by 3D printing. It was created by Ai Build, a London based firm. It was exhibited at the GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam. 5-meter high structure has been constructed using a robotic armed printer that was guided by AI-powered computer vision.3D Printing And AI Meet In The Form Of Vision

Using the combination of robotic power with artificial eyes enables the 3D printer to create complex pattern without compromising on speed. The 48 pieces were printed in just a little over two weeks as compared to months that would have taken a normal 3D printer. Daghan Cam, CEO of Ai Build, said, “This saves time and, as a result, it saves money – so 3D printing at large scale becomes feasible.’3D Printing And AI Meet In The Form Of Vision

Almost all of us know by now how 3D printers work; forging design layer by layer while sticking to a digital blueprint. However, even the smallest mistake can cause the whole structure to crumble and therefore they tread super carefully. This results in an increased time when it comes to manufacturing. That’s exactly why Cam, a 29 years old with a history of digital design, introduced vision. He says, “We attached motion-sensing Kinect cameras to the robot, so now as it manufactures the piece, it uses computer vision algorithms to evaluate how it looks compared to the original designs. We have shown that the technology works and can scale.”3D Printing And AI Meet In The Form Of Vision

From a concept to a reality and onwards to a speedy and refined future, 3D printing sure is developing rapidly. The robotic arm is used in conjunction with AI powered computer that has been named as vision and to put it in a nutshell; it is a robotic arm that uses AI for carrying out 3D printing at a much faster rate as compared to conventional 3D printers. Fingers crossed for what the future holds for 3D printing.

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