3D Printing Adding Flare To Your Home Decor

3D printing may have been invented in the 80’s, but it didn’t start picking up popularity until about 10 years ago.  In the past year alone, the items 3D printer can make have become increasingly stylish and sophisticated.  3D printing refers to various processes used to synthetically create a three-dimensional object from successive layers of material and is quickly being regarded by some as the beginning of the next industrial revolution.

3D printers have been around for years, but only now are they finally becoming more affordable for the general public.  Not only are 3D printer more affordable, but they are getting even better at printing, too.  These advancements are making it easy and fun to use 3D printers to create everyday products, such as home decor, jewelry and even toys.

Early in its existence, the capabilities of 3D printing had been deemed limited due to not being capable or cost effective enough for high volume or large scale manufacturing.  However, with continued advancements in technology, high expectations of these shortcomings changing are soon to be a reality.  The endless materials, printers, and applications are mind-boggling…it’s true, but the customization potential is amazing.  You can call the creative shots and get to choose color, design, size, and material.  Just take a look at some of these eye-catching ideas.

6. Cabinetry and Prefab production will change with 3D Printing

3D printed home decor 4

Traditional manufacturing techniques and limited for cabinetmakers.  There aren’t many design options for moldings and paneling.  Designs are basically standardized so there’s not much anyone can do with them.  That’s where we can reap the benefits of 3D printing.  There are no restrictions on personalization.  3D printed objects can show off the creativity and taste of the consumer.   Design firm BD Barcelona’s Cabinet Tout va Bien is a custom 3D mural, taken from a hand drawing done on a whiteboard.  It depicts the panels of the multi-tiered storage unit.  Stelios Mousarris’ 3D printed Wave City coffee table is another example.  Sooner than later manufacturers will have to digitalize machinery and localize production centers so that customers have endless design options and will have to provide better delivery times.

5.  Creativity and inspiration is enhanced from the art of 3D printing

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3D printing brings us different inspirational artwork everyday.  Unique techniques are used to create one of a kind pieces.  One such is work is ‘Solid Vibrations’ by Olivier van Herpt.  By mounting a speaker below the printer, the different rhythmic vibration from different types of music creates vibrant textures in ceramic pieces.  Each piece is unique owing its shape to sound waves.  John Edmark’s animated sculpture, 3D printed Blooms is another project that uses unconventional methods.  These extraordinary pieces appear to blossom when spun on a turntable under a strobe light.  3D printing technology is allowing inventors and artists’ imaginations to run wild.

4.  3D printing will play a huge role when it comes to functional pieces

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3D printing has been used to create stunning and impressive home decorative items such as vases and sculptures.  We were surprised to find out that highly functional household goods have also been created using 3D printing such as American Standard’s 3D printed DXV faucets.  They’re made using direct-metal laser sintering- metal powder that is fused into tiny, near-invisible bands that push water into the sink, kind of like a magic trick.  In the future we can anticipate 3D printing being used more popularly.

3.  3D Printing is for the outdoors too

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The American Society of Landscaping Architects predicts that with the use of 3D printing landscapers with change the way they run their businesses.  Organic planters were developed by project Print Green, throwing out the obstacle that material was an issue.  The ink, a mixture of soil, seeds, and water, can be used to print terra firma in a variety of patterns and shapes.  This will be beneficial to homeowners as well.  They will be able to sample pottery, pavers and wall designs rather than having to settle with virtual models or drawings.  Since 3D printing allows you to customize according to a specific space, you reduce wastage from cutting materials.

2.  3D printing and intelligent furniture options

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Artist Janne Kyttanen 3D printed a geometric mesh sofa that can be lifted with one hand, weighing in at 5.6 pounds……no more dragging heavy pieces of furniture into the living room when you have extra guests.   A Dutch designer, Lilian Van Daal was so upset with the waste involved in traditional furniture manufacturing that she designed and created a unique model.  She was inspired by natural cellular structures so the seat molds to fit your own shape and size….of you know what.  3D printed furniture will become more ergonomic and more environmental as designs like these come into existence.

1.  3D printing will precede the rise of biomimicry in home design

3D printed home decor 6

Replication of naturally inspired forms is called biomimicry in the design world.  Janine Beyus, one of the founder of the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute, a design consulting and educational group says that a single seashell is much stronger than factory-fired ceramics, because the structure is formed to distribute stress rather that resist it.  Aesthetically beautiful looking pieces such as a 3D printed lamp that blossoms like a tulip or one that shines through darkness like a bioluminescent sea anemone.  As 3D printing blooms, so will these organically inspired art forms.

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