3D-Printed Drone ‘KAYRYS’ Has Been Designed To Provide Medical Supplies and Communication In Case Of Emergencies

Although the “KAYRYS” is one of the most amazing 3D printed drones we have seen yet, this is no toy. It has been designed to provide medical supplies on the scene of an accident or major disaster and hence it serves as powerful a purpose as its aesthetics would hint at. A new tech startup out of Montreal, the Gyro-X8 KAYRYS created by SlidX has recently been launched around the world as the newest technology in first responders for medical emergencies.

Even though many people among you might be feeling a little bit doubtful about what drones are up to, but at this point they have turned out to be a helpful and speedy transporting device, whether it’s for that much-needed large pepperoni pizza dripping with extra cheese (drop off here, please!) or clearing land mines overseas, pulling duty that can be very dangerous for humans. You must know that the significance of drone is that this unmanned aerial vehicle can often go and assist in areas that humans cannot get to quickly enough or safely.

It has been quite some time now that 3D printing has been linked with the drone. The reason being that the technology not only allows for speed in manufacturing and unlimited customization, but also provides lightweight components that are affordable. 3D printed drones and accompanying accessories are very widespread in the hobbyist realm, the military, weather services and as we are seeing more and more, disaster recovery efforts.

3D-Printed Drone ‘KAYRYS’ Has Been Designed To Provide Medical Supplies and Communication In Case Of Emergencies (2)

Precisely, this drone has been designed to carry medical assistance to areas where any kind of accident may have occurred. This drone can be used to not only drop off bulks of medical supplies, but also data regarding what is going on at the site can also be obtained. Once the drone reaches its allocated area, communication is created and professionals can start talking to victims. This is very vital for car accidents, fires and scenarios like search and rescue.

Co-founder of the company SlidX, James Desauvage stated:

“We want to bring innovative solutions and answers to the new societal stakes in the XXIst century. By wishing to guarantee efficient solutions to the current environmental problems, our team developed a flexible drone, the KAYRYS, useful in emergency medical care, for the transportation of goods and for the collection of data.”

During prototyping, the KAYRYS was 3D printed to some extent because the SlidX team was very motivated to make use of this technology as it is a growing  and useful trend these days, thereby identifying all its uses. It was observed by SlidX, while working with their partner headquartered in Montreal, Lézar3d, that their drone started functioning with 150 pieces of the front part 3D printed in less than 20 days. On the whole, four different 3D printers were employed to build 60% of the vehicle.

3D-Printed Drone ‘KAYRYS’ Has Been Designed To Provide Medical Supplies and Communication In Case Of Emergencies (1)

Like most combination 3D printing and drone enthusiasts, the team was well aware of how the benefits would far outweigh using more conventional technologies—with self-sustainability at the top of the list for repairs—something which needs to be a priority in the business of flying machines that may sustain a bump along the way, or even an unfortunate crash.

Gary Chorostecki, one of the KAYRYS’ designers told, “It’s easier to replace defective parts. Because of all the test we have to do, when one of them is broken, it’s easier and less long to re-print this piece only. The cost for a prototype can be divided by 3 thanks to this technology.”

In addition to this, it is very important to protect the environment with so many interested in developing new technologies these days. Reduction of the carbon footprint was one of the major concerns of the SlidX team. They created the drone entirely electric and 3D printed with PLA. As mentioned by the SlidX team in their latest press release,

“…it’s consistent with our environmental commitments. It’s a great step in advanced designing an engine of this size, the rest of it is composed of carbon composite, a lightweight and stable material.”

3D-Printed Drone ‘KAYRYS’ Has Been Designed To Provide Medical Supplies and Communication In Case Of Emergencies

According to them, owing to the fact time becomes the enemy in the face of disaster and injury, this vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL) drone is meant for flying major missions in helping people in need quickly and efficiently. At present, the drone has the maximum load of 12g and a battery life of one hour. Capable of offering critical assistance to medical professionals and the injured, the drone can make use of its ergonomic, aerodynamic design to fly into areas (and to fly higher), when no other vehicle or person may be able to get there right away.

With delivery by the end of this year, the KAYRYS is available for pre-ordering. Check out the website of SlidX for more details and specifications, as well as other products that can be embedded into this drone.


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