3D Printed Digital Sundial Is The Clock You Must Have

The advancement made by science and technology in the last ten years alone is enough to bring us to a state of amazement and awe. Had anyone told us about 5 years ago that we’d be able to print out objects using printers; we would have most probably laughed in their faces and told them to get a life. However, it did happen and we were introduced to the idea of 3D printing. The idea kicked off not more than about 3-4 years ago and has in this limited time become the new sensation. Today you can find so many applications of 3D printing that one is actually left wondering that how did we ever manage to live without this amazing technology? 3D printing has made its mark in gadgets, space research and even biomedical fields. That’s enough ranting about how amazing this technology is, don’t you think? Let’s see what latest gadget it has to offer us, shall we?3D Printed Digital Sundial Is The Clock You Must Have 2

Clocks are an amazing piece of machinery, right? They tell us time and they depict our personality when it comes to aesthetics and design. The latest in clocks is a gadget that juxtaposes the old and the new. It is a befitting gadget for all those who are fan of 3D printing and also enjoy antiques. It has been created thanks to the French Etsy dealer and was designed by the Mojoptix; say hello to the 3D printed sundial – the coolest clock you can ever wish for that offers a mix of classic and the latest technology.

The whole structure has been 3D printed and Mojoptix has kept the script open source in order to allow everyone to find the Openscad script and the STL files and print the sundial clock on your own if you have access to a 3D printer. This is what makes 3D printing so amazing – all you need are the source files and you’re good to go! The tutorial is quite an amazing one were Julldozer, the inventor and host in the visual postcast, explains in detail regarding the working of everything and sets the user up with the required skills for making your very own 3D printed sundial clock. Given that you have access to a 3D printer.3D Printed Digital Sundial Is The Clock You Must Have 3

The 3D printed sundial does come with a few limitations though, it can only tell time during 10 am and 4 pm and that too in only 20-minute increments. This means the user will be observing time in the following manner; 10:00, 10:20, 10:40 and so on. This makes sense because the gadget relies on sun to tell time and tackles some very sensitive angles for displaying the times in analog as well. Yes, the clock is capable of displaying time in analog based upon the position of the sun. Amazing, isn’t it?3D Printed Digital Sundial Is The Clock You Must Have

You can also order the 3D printed sundial with a price tag of $77. There’s something so soothing about watching the shadows outline the analog time and this would be definitely a geeky and fun gadget to own. The fact that Julldozer has kept the script open source is honorable and we would like to thank him for that!

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