30 Fat Loss Tips – Part 3

Who isn’t worried about their weight? This article comes as a part 3/6 of a total of 30 tips we have compiled for you on how to keep your weight in check. Before you start reading the article, please remember that nothing beats a healthy balanced diet, working out regularly and taking enough sleep! Enjoy the article.

5. Hazelnuts are Good5. Hazelnuts are Good

For all the hazelnut lovers out there, you’re in luck. Turkish scientists have concluded that eating hazelnuts will lower the risk of experiencing a heart attack. In study that helped them reach the conclusion; men with high cholesterol ate almost 1 ounce of these nuts for 8 weeks on a daily basis. The results were astonishing, the LDL – considered as bad cholesterol – dropped 30% and the HDL – considered as good cholesterol – increased by 12%.

4. Appetizer Must be Soup4. Appetizer must be Soup

There’s a reason for that appetizer and it’s not to ignite your appetite more but to lower it. That is why the Penn State University you should take soups as appetizers because they will cut down your calorie intake by almost 20%. The study was carried out by serving pasta lunched for a month to a group of men. Those who took 1.5 cups of a broth based vegetable soup (150 calories serving) ate on average about 135 calories less. According to researchers; ‘Eating soup forces you to slow down, allowing your body to recognize that it’s becoming full before moving to the second course.’ The same result was concluded by a study carried out in the University of Texas which stated that men ate 227 calories less when they had soup before a pizza.

3. Slow Down Champ3. Slow Down Champ

Japanese scientists have concluded that those who chug down their food are more prone to be overweight and insulin resistant; both are signs of diabetes. Although they are carrying out more research on what the connections are, we’ll give you a bit of an idea. It takes you brain about 15-20 minutes to realize that the stomach is full. So if you’re a fast eater you would have consumed a lot before the brain signals to stop. Therefore, eat slowly and enjoy that lean body!

2. Company Does MatterWomen Dining

A research study carried out at Eastern Illinois University has concluded that people consume 65% more calories when their eating partner is the person who orders seconds as compared to an eating partner who doesn’t. Men’s Health nutrition advisor Jonny Bowden, PhD. says that since this is a subconscious behavior therefore it can be fixed by simply being aware of it and suggests; ‘Instead of taking seconds or ordering dessert, opt for a cup of herbal tea after you finish your main course. It will keep your mouth busy while providing a refreshing, no-calorie end to your meal.’

1. Don’t Run from Hard Work – Pry them1. Don’t Run from Hard Work – Pry them

Another research from Eastern Illinois University has validated an old trick; eating in-shell pistachios does in fact help you lose weight. Eating already shelled nuts resulted in consuming about 100 more calories as compared to eating while prying the shells off. The most pressing reason; prying off the shell slows you down and allows you to realize that you’re full sooner, says one of the researchers.

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