30 Fat Loss Tips – Part 2

Who isn’t worried about their weight? This article comes as a part 2/6 of a total of 30 tips we have compiled for you on how to keep your weight in check. Before you start reading the article, please remember that nothing beats a healthy balanced diet, working out regularly and taking enough sleep! Enjoy the article.

5. Don’t Cut Down on Dairy Diet

5. Don’t Cut Down on Dairy DietWhen you are opting for dieting; make sure that you don’t cut back on dairy. A Canadian research states that milk and other dairy products will allow you to lose fat while allowing you to gain muscle if the diet has enough proteins as well. The study focused on people who exercised every day and ate a high protein, high dairy diet for about 4 months. The end results; they were able to lose 10 pounds of fat while being able to pack on 1.5 pounds of muscle. Whereas, people who opted for less dairy and protein did lose fat but also lost muscle pounds. Milk allows regulating appetite whereas the whey proteins help in activating muscle growth.

4. Treat Yourself Regularly

4. Treat Yourself RegularlyAccording to a Greek research eating low sugar desserts more frequently is much better than eating any kind of dessert once a week. The research showed that people who ate low sugar dessert 4 times a week manages to lose 9 more pounds as compared to those who ate any kind of dessert once a week in a test that lasted for 12 weeks. Eating frequently removes the feeling of being deprived; stated the researchers.

3. The Silent Killer – The Carbs

3. The Silent Killer – The CarbsWhat will make you gain more weight; fats or carbs? According to research studies it is carbs that will contribute most towards your weight. A research carried out in United Arab Emirates says that people who are on a low carb diet have lower weights, less insulin levels and less triglyceride levels as compared to those who opted for a low fat diet. A Europeans study which focused on 90,000 people also stated that eating a low fat diet and high fat diet doesn’t warrant any sort of weight loss or weight gain.

2. Avoid Soft Drinks

2. Avoid Soft DrinksThis one shouldn’t come as a surprise but this for sure tackles some myths out there. Penn State University carried out a research where once a week during 6 weeks they served men with either 12 or 18 ounce of regular soda, diet soda or water. When the results were plotted it was found that men took the same amount of food every time which brings us to the conclusion; soft drinks are only calories with no impact on your diet whatsoever.

1. Plan it Out

1. Plan it OutPlanning things out can help you in every aspect of life. Dutch research shows that those who had a plan; e.g. ‘if, then’ statements were able to lose more weight as compared to those who went on a whim. ‘If I’m hungry at 6 pm, then I’ll have some milk’; such statements when penned down will help you shed fat faster. According to scientists; a specific plan will help you keep away from poor choices when hunger attacks.

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