2014 Detroit Auto Show – Acura TLX GT Race Car

Detroit Auto Show brings us wonders from the automobile industry and car enthusiasts are usually left with in amazement and shocks as the car companies introduce their latest models. The 2014 Detroit Auto Show was no exception. There were a number of cars which seemed to be the eye-candy of the event and for all the right reasons. The Japanese company, Acura, had something hidden beneath a black curtain and speculations were being given regarding what it might unveil. Although many hoped that it would be the long awaited NSX, but, oh well we might have to wait for a little longer.

Acura TLX GT Race Car Acura TLX GT Race Car 11 Acura TLX GT Race Car 9

The car which Acura introduced at Detroit Auto Show 2014 was the TLX GT Race Car and before you take this model lightly, let us warn you about how badly you’re about to underestimate this performance driven car. According to Mike Accavitti, CEO Acura North America, TLX has the capability of being a real sports sedan and in fact it will serve as the basis for the TLX GT race car. Furthermore, the TLX GT Race Car will be competing in the Pirelli World Championship.

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The beast has been developed by HPD, Honda’s racing arm, and it comes with a number of unique things that it can boast about. The chassis is not like any ordinary chassis and has been specially made. Aerodynamics is a crucial factor and performance parts pertaining to aerodynamics have been employed while ensuring that they conform to the Pirelli World Challenge competition conditions and terms. Speaking of under the hood specifications; it comes with the TLX’s V-6 but with a major change; it has two turbochargers fixed upon it and well this is something to show off indeed.

The driver, Real Time Racing’s Peter Cunningham, is excited about this car and while comparing TLX GT with the TSX he said; ‘It is in a different class.’

Acura TLX GT Race Car 5 Annual North American Auto Show Held In Detroit Acura TLX GT Race Car 3 Acura TLX GT Race Car 6

Now to move on to the competition that TLX GT will be facing; among the top contenders we have Audi R8 LMS, Cadillac CTS-V, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes SLS, Nissan GTR, Porsche 911, and Ferrari 458. The competition begins at the end of March and it is then when we shall truly see how good this TLX GT Race Car is and how it ranks.

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