19 Creative Ways to Display Your Stuff

Have you ever had one of those days when you walk back to your apartment and find all your minimal belongings in their perfect place, a crisp, clean, beautiful apartment awaiting you so you could hop into a nice, warm bath with a glass of wine?

Yeah, me neither.

If you are like me, chances are you have more stuff than you can fit into your apartment. This creates clutter and you just don’t know where to fit all that stuff you DON’T want to just throw away!

Here are some ideas to de-clutter your abode, store some of your belongings in an organized way or decorate your place using hand me downs. family heir looms or mementos. These creative ways can get you one step closer to a prepped and pretty place, and definitely closer to that hot bath:

19. Vintage Suit Cases

Don’t stop using them for stacking off-season clothes, but decorate them like this instead of stashing them away. It’ll give your place a wonderful ambiance.

Vintage Suitcases

18. Decorative Plates

Use all those lone plates to make a feature wall that looks incredibly artsy.


17. Make up Brushes

Create a make brush display in glass vases. All the better if you can purchase vintage glass containers at the dollar store. Makes your brushes accessible and your dressing table beautiful.

Make up Brushes

16. Old Photos

Make a wall collage with all your old, favourite photos instead of stashing them where no one can see them. Cherish the memories everyday and transform your home into a beautiful work of art.


15. Special Shopping Bags

If you’re still saving the shopping bag your first Valentine gift came in, it’s time to frame it and put it on the wall! Instant protection and decoration.

Special Shopping Bags

14. Rocks

Fill glass vases with your rock collection for a natural ambiance.


13. Nail Polish

Store your nail polishes with magnetic strips like this:

Nail Polish Prg

12. Old Toys

Organize, secure and frame your old toys and decorate your home. Don’t let them clutter your drawers.

Old Toys

11. Sand

A traveler who has the knack for collecting sand as a keepsake? Layer it together in a tall glass vase and let the world see the memories you cherish.


10. Beer Bottle Caps

You can always throw them away, but look how funky they can make your kitchen look!

Beer Bottle Caps

9. Old Mementos

Just like old toys, you can organize and display your mementos in a shadow box.


8. Necklace

Use a vintage organizer to show off your necklace collection instead of letting them get tangles in you jewellery box.


7. Ear-rings

Stash your ear-rings in boxed frames fitted with net like this for easy access plus added decoration.


6. Quilting Fabrics

You can display your quilt collection in a wall organizer to add some color to the room


5. Scarves

Re-use an old ladder to stash your scarves

Scarves 1

4. Old Cameras

Heir to your grand father’s passion for photography AND his vintage cameras? Don’t put them on a shelf. Do this instead:


3. Crystals

Make a wind chime with your crystal collection!


2. Dish Towels

Make decorative curtains out of dish towels handed down by your mother. This will save them with minimal damage and beautiful keepsakes.


1. Odd Art Pieces

Dedicate a wall to odd art pieces like this to make your lounge quite the looker:

Odd Arts


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