17 Cool Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know

Everyone who owns an iPhone likes to boast about it. But most of the time people don’t even know how to use their iPhone to its max potential. The iPhone is an amazing gadget that does some amazing things but to most of us, its just a shiny piece of metal we use for social media and to take selfies. If you don’t follow them already, you should start following Apple Support (@AppleSupport) on Twitter as they have some amazing advises and tricks that make your iPhone of much more use to you. Here are some of those tricks that you might not have known about before.

17. This is possibly the most useful screen on your iPhone.

16. Want to peek at the Maps from your Messages on your iPhone 6s? Here’s how.

15. No need to scan your documents anymore.

14. Here’s how to manually control many of your camera features.

13. Some awesome usage of Facetime.

12. Ever wondered what the microphone button is for?

11. Create drafts in Apple Mail simply by doing this.

10. Smart usage of smart Siri.

9. How to add bold and italics to your emails.

8. Here’s how to use the Apple Watch more efficiently.

7. If you want to get rid of an annoying messages thread…

6. Here are some best apps handpicked by Apple.

5. Quick! Mark the location of the nearest Pokestop.

4. Here’s how to gracefully decline a call.

3. Save that email to send later.

2. Smartly using the Contacts app in iPhone 6.


1. And Notes can also replace your to-do list.

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