12 Reasons Why Cold Showers Rock!

First they told us drinking hot water is the best choice. Now they’re telling us cold showers are better!

It’s sad, but it won’t be anymore when you find out why cold showers are SO much better for your overall health and well being.

Cold showers translate to about 10 – 15 degree celsius, and if you aren’t going overboard with the timing, cold showers can revitalize and refresh you. Keep in mind they better be avoided if history of heart issues exists.

Here’s why cold showers rock!

12. Save that MoistureThis is Why Cold Showers Rock 3

Ever feel itchy and dry after those amazing hot showers? Hot water strips your skin of its moisture, leaving behind patchy skin. Cold water lets skin lock its moisture and stay fresh and soft.

11. Heal Muscles

Cold water works to increase blood circulation and heart rate, which means more oxygen for the body. This shortens recovery time by supplying vital oxygen to your muscles and rejuvenates them.

10. Better Memory

A study done on swimmers revealed that memory improvement was related to cold water exercises. Subject showed a boost in their memories.

9. Better ImmunityCold Shower (4)

Studies show that cold water activates the immune system to release white blood cells by shocking the body. Frequent cold baths thus build resistance in the body over time.

8. Stay Alert!

Those hot showers put us in a melodramatic mood, and they might just be good before bed, but a cold shower is what gets you active. Cold water shocks the body, and induces deep breathing to warm the body, which means more oxygen intake and blood circulation in the body. Simply translated into alertness!

7. Blood CirculationThis is Why Cold Showers Rock 6

Cold water gets the heart pumping. It forces blood into the inner organs from the outer organs. This is an essential exercise for your blood vessels, if done in moderation.

6. Put a Smile on Your Face

Cold showers have been found to boost mood. Dr. Nickolai Shevchuk explains: “The mechanism that can probably explain the immediate mood-lifting effect of immersion in cold water or cold shower is probably the stimulation of the dopamingeric transmission in the mesocorticolimbic and nigrostriatal pathway; these dopamingeric pathways are known to be involved in the regulation of hormones.” You may not get that, but get this. It’s gonna make you feel better!

5. Male Fertility

Cold tap

Cold tap

United Academics say “hot shower means higher scrotal temperature which decreases sperm production. Cold showers don’t necessarily produce more sperm cells, but they do not pose a threat to sperm in the same way..” Better safe than sorry, boys!

4. Lose those PoundsThis is Why Cold Showers Rock 2

Body fat is responsible for providing heat when it’s cold. Excess fat is burned to make the body warm. Cold water can simulate this fat and help you burn some, if not all of it.

3. Healthier Hair

Medical Daily says: “Cold showers can make hair appear shinier, stronger, and healthier by flattening hair follicles, and increasing their ability to grip the scalp.”

and finally, here are two for Mother Earth:

2. Use Less Water

Head shower while running water

Head shower while running water

Hot showers can make lazy bums out of us, and we want to stay in just a little longer. That means more water consumption, which the world is desperately trying to avoid.

1. Use Less Energy

Heating all that water takes a lot of energy, which comes from Mother Earth’s valuable resources. Make the greener choice and conserve.

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