12 Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

Nowadays, it almost feels like there is an app for everything. With so much advancement in technology, why should it just stop at apps? And it hasn’t. Technology has given us many handy gadgets that make our lives easier. Here is a list of 12 gadgets of everyday use that will make your life easier.

12. LINUX Cheat Shirt

linux cheat shirt

Let’s face it, even the most experienced of programmers forget the most basic code sometimes. If you use Linux to program, this shirt might be the answer. It is printed upside down so that the onlooker won’t be able to easily guess what’s written on your shirt but it contains all the necessary hints that are used in most programs. At $19, it is a bargain, even if you only want to show off how geeky you are.

11. Music Writing Pen

music writing pen

If you are a musical person, this pen is a must have. Most of our brilliant and creative musical ideas come on the go and we don’t have anything to write the down with in music language. With this pen, you can write in music bars on the go. Even if music isn’t your thing, this pen can be used to write five things at once if you don’t mind overlapping and all five things are the same.

10. Remote Control Mop

remote control mop

Engineers are more efficient at saving energy, whether it’s global or their own. Most of them hate household chores and have, therefore, invented a remote controlled mop which can mop your floor as you sit on your couch solving great problems of the world. It only costs $46.

9. Smart Sensing Pan

smart sensing pan

Some people are good cooks, some need an automatic pan. This pan will literally tell you how to make the perfect dish. This pan is connected to a dedicated app and temperature sensors. Once you input in the app what you are cooking, the pan adjusts the temperature where the food is touching it to give you the perfect tasting dish.

8. Bluetooth Trackers

bluetooth tracker

Are you a forgetful person? Do you keep losing track of where you put your things? Then this is the invention of your dreams. Just place these trackers on the thing you keep losing and an app on your smartphone will direct you right back to that item via a Bluetooth connection. Very useful.

7. Quick Laces

quick laces

In today’s fast paced world, who has the time to tie shoelaces? This invention can save your time and make your show just another slip on garment. Very useful for people who want to save every second or for those who don’t know how to tie their shoelaces.

6. Cake Decorating Pen

cake decorating pen

Cake decoration is an art and this pen can make you an artist. Instead of wasting thousands on confectioners and bakers for the perfect icing, try it yourself by using this pen which gives you the perfect amount and the perfect design, consistently.

5. Sugru Molding Putty

sugru putty

Apart from broken hearts, this molding putty can fix almost anything. Sugru can be used a ceramic glue or even for fabricating to fix another broken gadget. It only costs $12 and requires some DIY enthusiasm. Not many inventions are as selfless as this one though, fixing up other things.

4. Bluetooth Child Pacifier

bluetooth pacifier

Having and raising kids is a very stressful job. You are constantly worried for their well-being and this gadget will reduce that stress for you. This Bluetooth connected pacifier tell you your baby’s temperature on a smartphone app. It also tells you if your baby has taken it out which is a very useful feature. Ask any parent, they’ll tell you.

3. Jelly Cleaning Goo

cleaning goo jelly

Modern gadgets are useful but are very difficult to keep clean. These new designs are a nightmare if you want to keep your things clean and it is hard to reach all the nooks and crannies. This jelly goo is not only fun to play with, but it also keeps your gadgets squeaky clean and looking like brand new.

2. Steel Ice Cubes

steel ice cubes

These cubes are used to keep your drinks cool without adding extra water into them in terms of melted ice. Some people are very particular about their scotch or whiskey and extra water can be a huge turn off. These can also be used to keep your coffee cold without having to add ice cubes.

1. Heated Butter Knife

heated butter knife

Butter is very tricky to cut down especially during winter and in colder climates. You have to heat if first and then cut it into usable forms. This heated knife does that for you and makes the butter cutting process much easier even in subzero temperatures.

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