11 “Smart” Gadgets That You Don’t Really Need

In today’s world, many inventions have been made to make our lives easier. The gadgets range from storage, lighting and other parts of our daily lives and developers tend to make these inventions “smarter” by giving them connectivity to internet.

But let’s face it, not every new invention out there appeals to the public and makes our lives as easier as it claims. Some of these “smart” inventions are totally pointless to some. However, we cannot disregard them completely. But that does not take out the weird element out of them. Here is a look at 11 of such inventions that invite cynicism more than anything:

11. Quirky Egg Minder

weird gadgets 1

This device connects your egg tray to the internet and reminds you when you are on the verge of being eggless. It comes with LED lights which tell you which of its 14 eggs nearing their expiration date. All this because opening the fridge and checking the eggs yourself is too much of a nuisance (not) and we would rather have our smartphones tell us how many eggs we have via push notifications. Its priced at $13 a piece on Amazon at the moment and despite the low price, the reviews have been pretty brutal.

10. Hidrate Spark

weird gadgets 2

The Hidrate Spark is one of the few “smart” water bottles that have popped up on the tech scene and does the same thing as all of them. It pairs up with a companion app via Bluetooth and tells you when to have a drink to stay properly hydrated. It does look nice, especially when it glows after you’ve achieved your hydration target but priced at $55, one does wonder when one can’t just use the brain’s impulse to have a drink of water?

9. Brita Infinity WiFi Connected Pitcher

weird gadgets 3

Tech companies are taking this water thing way too seriously for our liking. This Brita Infinity calls itself the “future of hydration”, a pretty bold claim to make when all you do is order a $6 filter from Amazon after working out when the purification filter has outlived its usefulness.  Priced at $45, it is a must have for the extremely lazy who cannot check their water filter themselves.

8. Kuvée Bottle

weird gadgets 4

Kuvée have basically introduced a wine dispenser that raised $6 million dollars in funding earlier this year. It WiFi-connected and has a touchscreen. It works with a number of wine “carridges” and once you slot one in, you can scroll through various things about what you’re drinking and order a new bottle because you can. Priced at $180 per piece, we fail to see the utility this has to offer after such a hefty investment.

7. Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

weird gadgets 5

Yes, there is smart baby stuff too. This changing pad tell you your baby’s weight, diaper changes, food intake etc. when you place your baby on the pad. It does all that via a companion app installed on your smartphone and all the data can be shared with your baby’s pediatrician. While this isn’t completely unhelpful, one does question the $250 price tag placed on it.

6. Onvi Prophix

weird gadgets 6

If you have spare $400 and want to see the inside of your mouth as you brush or, more seriously, have some genuine dental concerns, don’t hesitate to buy the only “smart” toothbrush on the planet that connects with an app and records everything as you brush thanks to a 10 megapixel camera placed in it.

5. Flosstime

weird gadgets 7

Flosstime is another dental hygiene product that has to be attached to your bathroom mirror. It essentially churns out 18 inches of floss every time you tap it and the idea behind it is a noble one, to keep you in the habit of flossing regularly. But to be honest, we doubt that we would need to buy it for $25 because we remember to floss regularly anyway.

4. Juicero

weird gadgets 8

The Juicero is a $700 juicer that won’t make juice for you if your WiFi is down. Yes, that’s all it does. Make juice while being connected to WiFi. We don’t even have words…

3. HapiFork

weird gadgets 9

The HapiFork is a $70 fork that vibrates when it senses that you are eating too fast. While that is a serious health problem, it is up to you to decide whether you want to invest the money of a fork that tells you how to eat.

2. Oombrella

weird gadgets 10

The Oombrella is a high tech umbrella that sends its last known location to your smartphone, a useful device for people who tend to forget their stuff at bars and restaurants. It also sends weather updates to your phone because peeking out of the window to see if you need an umbrella is too mainstream. It is priced at $80.

1. Bruno

weird gadgets 11

The Bruno is a $140 trash can which is currently stuck in its production phase. It also need proprietary bags to function. At the bottom of that can, though, is a small vacuum cutout that will suck up whatever crumbs, hairs, or general crud that’s manifested on your floor. That means no more dustpans. It’s tackling a total first-world problem, but at this point, that should be a given.

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