10 Trailers that were Better than the Movie

I recently watched Iron man 3, and after watching it I realized something. It was polar opposite of it’s trailer, In the trailer it was showed to be dark and gritty, much like the DC universe movies. I feared about that going into the movie, but when the movie turned out to be exactly what we expected from the Marvel movies fun, lighthearted coupled with a good script. I was glad, and I realized the trend that has been going on for quite a while, by showing the movie as entirely something else in the trailer, compared to the actual movie.

So I decided to compile a list of all the movies I remember whose trailers and the final products weren’t the same. There might be some spoilers, in the description of the movies. So consider yourself warned.

10. X-Men: The Last Stand

“OMG, this movie is going to be awesome”

That was my initial reaction to the trailer. I mean who wouldn’t think the movie seems awesome, with a trailer that has everything, action scenes, voice over by Patrick Stewart, the Angel, and Cyclops fighting.

Of course people who saw the movie know that Cyclops dies with the first half hour of the movie, the angel has a total of five minutes in the movie, and Professor X doesn’t even have that many lines. The overall tone was entirely different from the movie, and nowhere near that emotional as this trailer. The characters were dramatically toned down from the previous film, to a point that every character served a single purpose in the movie, to be in the movie. Where as in the trailer there seem to be depth in the story and deep characters, the final product had one dimensional characters and story made by a 15-year old.

9. CloverField

If I hadn’t watched the film, after watching this trailer. I would not have missed anything, the entire film is this trailer here, nothing more. “The Blair Witch Project” could be placed in the same category, but to be fair it did not promise anything other than what was delivered. Whereas this promised action, that was the one thing, action and maybe giant monsters and it didn’t even deliver that. Cloverfield never stood a chance of living up to its teaser’s shrewdness.

8. The Matrix Reloaded

Unlike Cloverfield, this movie had a lot more ‘stuff’ in it. The thing is all that other stuff, well nobody cared about it. The most interesting parts in the movie are in this trailer. All the other things were bland and poorly acted and explained. This trailer promises fights like the first movie and the story as well, and there were fights. But the problem is that the story was bad, really bad. Maybe I am biased about this, but I was really disappointed about this movie.

7. A Good Day to Die Hard

Oh, where to start. I wanted to cry after watching this film. I should have seen the trend before hand, every Die hard movie is worse than the movie before it. The only reason I am adding this trailer here, is not because the trailer is better than the movie but because the movie is so bad that it makes the trailer look good.

6. Firday the 13th (2009)

Nobody wanted this remake, but when they made people remind of what they loved about the 1980’s original through this extremely misleading trailer. People actually thought the movie might be worth watching. I am here to tell you that they were wrong.